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Contact Information

10421 Burnham Dr. NW
Building #3, Suite D
Gig Harbor, WA 98332
(253) 858-6355

Mick Lewis
(360) 981-6874


$250 + tax
Must complete FUNDAMENTALS prior to entry into regular classes

Monthly Unlimited Classes
$125 month + tax

$150 (SUMMER)

$125 + TAX
10 Punches
Must be used within 60 days



Monday, September 1st ~ Labor Day

Holiday Schedule

9:30AM Class ONLY

Fri. August 29, 2014


Front Squat

Rest 20 Sec.

Max Unbroken Pull Ups

Rest 2 Min.

3 Rounds

* Ascending load each round of front squats.



300 M Row

10 Burpee Box Jump Over 24/20″

20′ Dumb-bell bear Crawl

5 Rounds


Thurs. August 28, 2014


Today is a REST day for most of you, but if you would like to come in and work on a skill or just to get some mobility in, today is the day to do it.

Check out this Mobility drill that makes a world of difference!


Tues. August 26, 2014


10 Overhead Squats

Rest 2 Min.

5 Weighted Pull Ups

Rest 2 Min.

3 Rounds

* Ascending Load with each round



15 Pull Ups

30 Wall-Balls 20/14#

60 Double Unders

4 Rounds


Mon. August 25, 2014


Take 15 min. to build to a heavy but not necessarily a 1 RM.



Ground to Overhead 135/95#

AMRAP 1 Min. x3

* 3 min REST between rounds.

Sun. Aug. 24th, 2014


Good morning and Happy Sunday! Yesterday was a great day for a wedding. Congratulations to our own Dave “Double D” and Kayla Diaz. Everyone can view Lael’s dancing moves on You tube!

A few announcements….

Competitor Programming-

As some of you know, we’re making some programming changes that are going to provide an avenue for individuals to receive the additional work necessary to compete at a higher level. This will not impact the regular programming or class hours. The Competitor programming is designed for the “Advanced” and “Intermediate” athlete who has expressed interest in competing in local competitions AND can meet the minimum strength and skill requirements. The requirements are as follows:

-competent in the 9 CrossFit foundational functional movements

-competent in all Oly/power lifts

-competent in many of the gymnastic moves

-Rx “most” of the workouts

-able to work in semi self-sufficient manner

-FULL commitment…no cherry picking.

How it works

The Competitor WOD will be written on the whiteboard each day along with the General WOD. The Competitor WOD will be done in conjunction with the general class, but will be done on a semi-self sufficient manner. The general class will always take precedence over the competitor athlete workout. To avoid conflict, we will be increasing our inventory and providing designated areas for everyone. The competitor athlete will be able to come in during any of the class times available as long as they complete the workout by closing time (the 6pm class will have until 8pm to complete). Keep in mind, most workouts will take 1.5 to 2 hours and may require doing work throughout the day.

Last week, I decided to introduce the competitor programming to a few athletes in order to evaluate the dynamics. I was pleased to see very little impact to the regular class. We will continue to evaluate for the rest of this month. For those of you that are interested, we will continue with what I consider a 2 week entry period into the competitor training which will last until Sept. 1st. The rest of the month will give anyone an opportunity to “qualify” if they’re interested. If interested, please let me know ASAP. We’ll sit down individually and discuss where you’re at. Then, on Mon. Sept 1st we will begin the official programming that will last until the Open. In order to begin on Sept. 1st, you must commit to do the workouts as programmed. Again, there can be no cherry picking.

Olympic lifting class-

Beginning the 1st week of Sept, we will be offering an Olympic lifiting skills class on Tues and Thurs evenings from 6-8pm. This class will be open to anyone wanting to improve their clean and jerk and snatch lifts. Each class will be structured to focus on form and building strength.

Miscellaneous workshops-

Also beginning in Sept, in addition to the regular class scheduled for Saturdays, we will be committed to offering workshops in the following areas:

a. Mobility

b. Gymnastics

c. KB training

The details (dates, times, etc.) for the workshops are still in the works and will be announced when finalized.

As we continue to improve the quality of our training, we’ll do our best to communicate any additions that occur. If anyone has any questions, please let me know. Have a great day and we’ll see you this week.




Fri. August 22,2014


Power Clean/Squat Clean

* 15 min to build to a heavy, but not necessarily 1 RM to be used in todays WOD



2 Squat Clean

4 Burpee Over Bar

EMOM 15 Min.


Thurs. August 21,2014



Today is a REST day for most of you, but if you would like to come in and work on a skill or just to get some mobility in, today is the day to do it.


Wed. August 20,2014


8 Split Squats

Rest 1 min.

8 External Shoulder Rotation

Rest 1 min.

3 Rounds



Wallballs 20/14#

AMRAP 6 Min.

REST 1 Min.

Row For Calories

AMRAP 6 Min.

* In teams of three, with only one work station per team, and only one partner working at a time


Tues. August 19, 2014


12 Deadlifts 155/115#

9 Power Clean 155/115#

6 Power Jerks 155/115#

5 Rounds


In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.